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Graphic Design

Rendering Projects

The Best Little Boy Lost 

The Best Little Boy Lost is a series of collages created in a digital rendering class. The three pictures show the journey a young robot takes with his father. In the final scene, we see the young robot has accidentally been left behind on its latest journey. All the pictures were created in Photoshop, combining different images from the '50s & '60s science fiction art styles. 

The following is a comic strip I created for a class assignment with the prompt "The Final Word." It turned out to be a really fun project about someone getting the final word in during some type of conflict. This is one of my first attempts at using Photoshop. 

Two Variations of my logo that I created with a combination of Photoshop and Procreate

Procreate Projects

The following are a series of projects created on the Ipad app Procreate. Even though my focus is in lighting design, I have spent a lot of time working on my rendering skills to supplement my scenic and projection designs. These are either original pieces or pieces from tutorials I've found in my continued education. 

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