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Walk The Night

Written and Directed by: Spencer Williams

Producer: Homero Vela

Asst. Directors: Caulene Hudson-Pace & Aaron Ellis

Lighting Designer: Joshua J. Mullady

Costume Designer: Jenny Pool

Site Designers: Jesse Groff & Hilary Williams


Presented by: BlueBarn Theatre and Fontenelle Forest

Performances held at Neale Woods Nature Center

Omaha, Ne



Walk the Night: Death Marked Love was the fourth installment in the Walk the Night (WTN) series. WTN was a modern telling of Shakespeare's classics, told in an immersive environment.

Death Marked Love took Romeo and Juliet and swapped genders, while leading the audience through an adventure in which they chose their own path. Who did they follow? Would the spirits guide them a certain direction? What would happen to the lovers?

This version was the first to take place at the Neale Woods Nature Center, an abandoned reserve spanning several acres. The biggest challenge was not what to light, but how.

With action taking place in several locations along the nature center, lights were in trees, along paths, in an old observatory with a roof that slid open, stuffed in closets, and submerged in a sink.

This production provided one of the most challenging experiences ever lighting a production. I never lit a tree, much less climbed it to hang a light. It gave me a new perspective on design and the experience is one I will never forget.

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