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Wonder of The Woods

Wonder In the Wood:

A Tennessee Circus

Presented by: Dragonfly Aerial & Circus Arts Studio



This production was a pretty unique experience. The wonderful people at Dragonfly brought me on as a Lighting Designer for their 2022 Summer Circus, "Wonder in the Wood."

The group consists of performers of all ages, and

took place in a 90'x60' tent with three "rings" in which the circus performance came to life.

The piece told a story about the magic in the woods of Tennessee and some of the peril the woods face against corporate greed and eco-destructive forces.

The biggest challenge was finding positions for the instruments as there wasn't rigging to attach hanging positions. The few light stands I had were positioned behind audience seating. But, the unique position of the lighting instruments for the performance area led to a variety of interesting looks, inevitably painting a beautiful scene around the all-white tent. Colors and shadows cascaded around as the performers made their magic.

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